Yoga-Exercise Mat (10mm)

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Yoga/Exercise Mat (10mm)

  • Description
  • This all-purpose mat is great for yoga, pilates & general exercising.  Very comfortable & easy to take to the gym, park or where ever your next workout may be. Includes straps fr easy transport.

  • Features
  • • Genuine nitrile rubber material .
  • • Provides a stable, non-slip surface that can help you achieve the full benefits of yoga and many other exercises.
  • • Designed to reduce shock and provide body support.
  • • Very comfortable and durable on any hard surface.
  • • Anti-slip bottom provides stability when exercising yoga in a variety of postures.
  • • Soft, excellent flexibility, can reduce the pain of body contact with the ground.
  • • Lightweight and convenient, easy to carry, suitable for travel, camping, fishing, festivals and picnics, etc.
  • • Dimensions:  1700mm x 600mm x 10mm
  • • Available in blue & violet

Yoga-Exercise Mat (10mm)