WaterRower Heart Rate Receiver (Polar) Analog

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Heart Rate Receiver (Polar) Analog

  • • The WaterRower Analog Heart Rate Receiver Kit receives heart rate information from the Analog Heart Rate Transmitter Belt (required second part of the system, not included in purchase of this item).
  • • Only compatible with Polar non-coded analog chest belt (See Accessories)
  • • *Analog type heart rate monitoring is being phased out with newer digital offerings. We strongly encourage you to consider our latest digital Heart Rate Monitoring devices seen under Accessories.
  • Feature Summary
  • • The WaterRower S4 Performance Monitor incorporates a Heartrate Monitoring feature. The Heartrate system used is a Polar system. The feature requires a Heartrate Receiver Box and a Polar Chest Belt.
  • • The System displays the Heart Rate in the Heartrate window.
  • • You may also set your required Heartrate zones, when you are above and below your set zone an audible and visual signal is produced, when you are in the zone, your relevant position is shown by the zone increment indicators.

  • The Heartrate Advanced function enables more detailed analysis of your Heartrate Zone workout including:
  • * Peak Heartrate
  • * Time spent above Zone
  • * Time spent in Zone
  • * Time spent below Zone

WaterRower Heart Rate Receiver (Polar) Analog