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The Rappd Arm Blaster is best suited to Dumbells, E-Z Curl Bar, Straight Bar, and Tricep Rope.

Maximize Your Workout

  • Build your biceps
  • Build your triceps
  • Maintain proper posture
  • Isolate muscles


  • 5.5mm Heavy-duty aluminum
  • Brass adjustable buckles
  • Heavy-duty brass rivets
  • Buffalo leather strap
  • Padded Neoprene

Warning: The Rappd Arm Blaster will give you GUNS!

The quality leather adjustable strap makes the arm blaster comfortable and suitable for all sizes. 


The Arm Blaster is actually a better alternative in many ways to the preacher and spider curl exercises.

To start with the arm blaster is much cheaper than a preacher bench or an incline bench. Not only is it cheaper, but it takes up much less space. An arm blaster is so light and slim, it can be easily stored away when not in use. If you’re looking to maximize your arm workout especially at home, an arm blaster is definitely the most affordable and practical way to go.

Another advantage the arm blaster has over preacher curl or spider curl equipment is in its versatility. With an arm blaster, you can curl using a straight bar, e-z curl bar,kjjjf or dumbbells. The same can be done with preacher curls, but it is very awkward to perform barbell spider curls without the help of a partner. When used correctly, the arm blaster is much more comfortable and less awkward than preacher curls or spider curl.


Rappd Arm Blaster