Bodyworx YH Commercial Cable Cross Over - Call for Price.

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Bodyworx YH Commercial Range Cable Cross Over

Key Features

Boasting advanced biomechanics the free weight cable cross over is the ideal multi-functional equipment that helps you perform a wide variety of exercises for the whole body.

The YH-005 Cable Cross Over will provide two adjustable pulleys to guarantee countless exercising opportunities for upper and lower body as well as trunk. Extra accessories and handles can be fitted for customised workout routines and increased variety.

The exercises are performed with the user positioned between the two columns. Resistance is provided by the two weight stacks connected to the upper and lower cables of the columns. These cables can be attached to various accessories and handles (supplied).

Advanced Routines:
Several training routines are possible on this versatile equipment. Users can perform exercises with a weight stack, use pull up bars with a multi-angle grip and work with suspension training; and accessories that can also be fitted to the bridge.

Weight Stack: 2 x 120 KG.
Net Weight: 375 KG.

Assembled Dimension: 370cm (L) x 89cm (W) x 225cm (H).


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Bodyworx YH Commercial Cable Cross Over - Call for Price.