Fisiocrem 60gm

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Fisiocrem SOLUGEL contains a specially formulated combination of natural plant extracts proven to relieve pain and general discomfort associated with muscle and joint soreness, soft tissue trauma, bumps and bruises.
The product contains four active ingredients which are grown and harvested to meet the specific requirements of Fisiocrem.
The Arnica montana and Hypericum perforatum herbal plants are sourced from Europe. The Calendula officinalis is grown and harvested in Europe and on the South Island of New Zealand. The Melaleuca alternifoliais sourced from sunny Cairns, Australia.
Oil is extracted from the dry plants and sent off to Spain for manufacturing, where the pure herb extracts are gently removed and transformed into micro particles before being bound into a solution containing purified water.
The product’s high concentration of active plant extracts is rapidly released, providing soothing and calming relief from the symptoms of soft tissue trauma

Fisiocrem 60gm