Loaded Lifting Economy Lever Belt 10mm (Black/Blue)

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Currently not IPF approved

Our economy lever belt is often where people start their lifting journey. Made with high quality, the economy belt is delivered to you at a lower cost by using a less stiff material (than our premium belts).

A huge upgrade over a ‘standard’ gym belt, as it still uses lever technology to ensure a proper fit and huge support for your lifts.

This belt is for:

  1. A beginner starting, where the weights used don't require a premium belt.
  2. Smaller lifters who do not require a thicker belt.
  3. People moving up and down in weight need an ‘interim’ belt.
  4. People that don’t like to ‘wear’ belts in.

The belt features all the mandatory, 10mm thickness, load rated Lever design (with 12-month warranty), leather construction with a suede finish. 


Loaded Lifting Economy Lever Belt 10mm (Black/Blue)