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Marcy MSB10510 Deluxe Flat Bench 

Key Features

The combination of a well-built adjustable Slant Board & the addition of Barbells or Kettle Weights open up limitless exercise possibilities. Begin by targeting abdominal, oblique & core muscles by positioning your body comfortably on the Slant Board & Roller Pads, positioning your body with proper form to correctly execute the exercises. Adding Dumbbells or Kettle Weights expands the Slant Board into a versatile Utility Bench for adding strength training exercises to your workout routine.

  • • Adjustable Back Pad with 2” thick, high density foam.
  • • Self-adjusting Ankle Pads for improved support.
  • • Durable construction & powder-coated finish.
  • • Low profile design.
  • • Large diameter steel tubing.

Weight Capacities

  • Maximum User Weight: 140 KG (309 LBS).
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 275 KG (606 LBS).



Marcy MSB10510 Deluxe Flat Bench IN STOCK NOW!