Morgan Slam/Dead Ball (Select Size)

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  • The Slam Balls are filled with sand with a very durable latex high density cover - they also do have an amount of air inside them
  • Air valve on the ball to increase density - there is no bounce to the slam ball as it is classified as a dead ball
  • The diameter of a slam ball increases with weight, offering further user resistance. 3-10kg = 9" & 12kg-30kg = 11"
  • Note:-slam balls should never be slammed on the valve (air inlet) side of the ball, this can be achieved by holding the ball valve side up and slamming the ball down.
  • Warranty on product: slam balls have a warranty of 7 months for commercial use. In order to increase the longevity of this item, we strongly recommend using this product on rubber floor tiles, carpet, interlocking floor mats, avoid using this item on direct concrete or any hard surface. Never slam the ball on the valve (air inlet) side of the ball, as any split on the valve area will void the warranty.
  • Looking to buy multiple Slam Balls at once? Check out our packs by clicking on the following links:- MORGAN SLAM/DEAD BALL QUAD SET (2 x 5KG + 2 x 10KG)
Morgan Slam/Dead Ball (Select Size)