Pilates Shape & Tone Machine Stand

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Now Pilates is easy and fun for everyone! Achieve your dream body or just enjoy working out in the comfort of your home with the AeroPilates Shape & Tone and Reformer Stand.
Millions of people of all ages, shapes and sizes practise Pilates every day. They do it because they like to feel flexible and strong. They enjoy the benefits of better coordination and improved posture. It helps them to move through life more easily and with confidence. Are you ready to experience a Pilates body?
Pilates is a simple system of controlled exercise you can practise on your own. It caters for everyone and offers a wide variety of movements to keep you interested and motivated. From a beginner right through to the advanced, it can be as easy or as challenging as you wish. Pilates can transform you and your body from top to bottom.
Introducing the AeroPilates Shape & Tone Reformer Stand, an important tool to help you gain even more enjoyment from your AeroPilates reformer. The AeroPilates Reformer Stand is made specifically for the AeroPilates reformers. The stand elevates the reformer by approximately 25cms off the ground making it easier to perform certain Pilates exercises.

Features include:

* Quality engineering for lasting, smooth & quiet operation.

* Powder coated steel frame with lifetime warranty.

* Easy to assemble and disassemble with convenient pull-pins.

* Rubber tipped legs help to prevent skidding. AeroPilates Stand ready for use:
213cm long x 44.5cm wide x 25.5cm high The stand weights 12.25 kgs.
Pilates Shape & Tone Machine Stand