Plyometric Box Set of 4

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Plyometric Boxes Description:

Plyometrics is an exercise designed to improve an athletes ability and skill as well as increase speed and strength by unique training and exercises programs.

Without question plyometrics offers the mechanism by which an athlete can start quicker, accelerate faster, change direction more quickly.

It also helps minimize muscle strain and injury.

The plyometrics takes the athlete from beginning to the advanced.

A must for track coaches and other sport coaches as well.

Features and Specifications:

Heavy duty welded steel construction

Powder coated black for long lasting durability

Topped with a anti-skid heavy duty rubber mat, to cushion landings

Tapered design allows for much greater stability, and easy stacking for storage

complete range of box heights to fire up your plyometric jump training and power development.

Available Color / Size: Black color

30cm plyometric box, Dimension: 43L X 43W X 32H cm

45cm plyometric box, Dimension: 51L X 51W X 47H cm

60cm plyometric box, Dimension: 59L X 59W X 62H cm

75cm plyometric box, Dimension: 66L X 66W X 73H cm

Package Content / Size:

1* 30cm Plyometric Box 1* 45cm Plyometric Box

1* 60cm Plyometric Box 1* 73cm Plyometric Box

Box Size: 80cm x 70cm x 70 cm

Package Weight 38kg


Plyometric Box Set of 4