Power Dog Sled

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Power Sled

  • • Power Sleds provide ultimate strength and resistance training to home gym-goers and fitness centre members up and down the country.
  • • Prowler exercises can be used for rehab and recovery training as well as speed development too.
  • • You don’t need acres of space to get the best from these machines; all you need is determination, drive and the strength to complete the task.
  • • Drag, push, pull, force, slog, shove, thrust and power your sled or prowler to achieve your mission!
  • • Compact, tough, and versatile enough for push, pull and speed training.
  • • Improving your body's ability to maximize its use of the anterior and posterior chain is the holy grail of power and performance.
  • • Having a hook at each end of the prowler allows the user to hook/unhook after each pull or drag.
  • • The approximate dimensions are shown below
  • • Width: 64cm Length: 115cm Height: 110cm

Power Dog Sled