Pull Up - Weight Lifting Wrist Hooks

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Our comfort Pull -Up Hooks are specifically designed for heavy pulling exercises. Extra-wide, non-slip and rubber coated metal hooks with comfortable velcro wrist straps guarantee an unmatched grip strength and prevent the opening of the fingers during heavy pulling or pushing exercises.
The variable velcro closure allows a perfect fit on the wrist and ensure a very good contact with the bar.

Wrist straps hooks supports and relieves the strain on the forearms, because they don´t have the power of back muscles, during your exercises like dead-lifts, pull-ups, pull neck and others. These hooks makes possible to press or pull more weights and make more repetitions. They also increase the tractive power on the bar and improve grip strength.

Special features:

  • Simple handling but very effective 
  • Ideal for the the relief of the forearms at pulling exercises 
  • Perfect for bodybuilder and strongman 
  • Best grip strength 
  • Material: Wrist strap lined with comfortable neoprene 
  • Reinforced power lifter straps 
  • Velcro fastening for perfect fit 
  • Made from X-Large velcro fasteners 
  • Solid heavy duty steel hook 
  • Diameter of steel hook: 6mm 
  • One size fit all Package: Color: black Weight: 200g Package: 1 pair of Sports comfort pull-up hooks

Pull Up - Weight Lifting Wrist Hooks