Punch 12” Punchtex™ AAA Floor To Ceiling Ball

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Punch 12” Punchtex™ AAA Floor To Ceiling Ball

The 12 inch, Punchtex, AAA Floor to Ceiling Ball kit is a high-quality training tool for amateur, professional boxers, and general fitness training alike.

The Punchtex floor-to-ceiling ball has a medium-sized, cylindrical target area making this ball great for practicing a wide range of punches.

Floor To Ceiling Balls improve vital boxing skills such as upper body evasion, hand & co-ordination & more.

Best of all, a floor-to-ceiling ball can provide users with an excellent workout with minimal risk of injury.

The Punchtex Floor to Ceiling Ball is 100% suitable for your home, boxing club, and commercial gym environment.


  •  Designed for beginners & professional boxers alike
  •  Includes an internal bladder & high-grade adjustable straps
  •  Internal bladders are replaceable
  •  Hook & loop covered zipper enclosure for easy bladder replacement
  •  NO dangerous metal parts or rivets
  •  Superior Punchtex™ material casing for durability
  •  AAA Grade product - 2 years extended manufacturers warranty

Punch 12” Punchtex™ AAA Floor To Ceiling Ball