AAA Punch SPECIAL Softy Boxing Bag

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AAA Punch Special Softy Boxing Bag

  • Description
  • If you’re looking for a bag which is going to be more forgiving on your body, this is the perfect bag for you!
  • This boxing bag is primarily used by boxers for increasing their punching power and improving their technique, however, this bag is still perfect for Kickboxing / Muay Thai training.
  • The Special™ Softy Boxing Bag 5ft is the perfect addition for all commercial gyms, fitness studios and martial arts clubs looking for a softer, premium quality boxing bag.
  • The Special ‘Softy’ boxing bag is designed with an extra thick layer of soft foam inside, softening the impact of strikes for the striker.
  • Features
  • • AAA Punch Rated
  • • Heavy Duty support ring
  • • 10mm EVA foam lining
  • • Extra heavy duty chain and swivel
  • • Tie down 5ft anchor point
  • • Extra soft padding for boxing injury prevention
  • Available in 5ft



AAA Punch SPECIAL Softy Boxing Bag