Rappd Heavy Duty Leather Dip Belt

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The Rappd Heavy Duty Dip belt is made with “genuine buffalo leather”, with the highest grade chain suitable for this belt.
The chain, D rings, studs and carabiner have been powder coated black which gives the belt a unique look.

35″ LONG CHAIN Giving you the length needed to carry large weighted plates
GENUINE BUFFALO LEATHER Unlike other brands that use split leather or artificial leather
LARGE CARABINER – Making adjustments on the chain links a breeze
POWDER COATED BLACK – Stand out from the rest

Dipping belts have been used for many years and its stood the test of time!

As the name suggests, you can use a dipping belt for dips, but this belt can also be used for pull ups and chin ups to make your workout more demanding. A classic body-weight exercise.

Dips target your chest, shoulders and triceps. Once you are strong enough to do dips with ease, a dipping belt can make all the difference. With the belt around your waist and the weight between your legs, support your weight on your hands and bend your legs so your feet are off the floor. Bend your arms and descend until your elbows are bent to at least 90 degrees. Push back up and repeat. In terms of loading, start by adding around 10 percent of your body weight to your dipping belt.

Pullups and chin-ups are performed using an overhand, shoulder-width grip or a narrower underhand grip. Both grips work your biceps and latissimus dorsi, or side back muscles. While some exercisers never manage a single rep of this challenging exercise, some workout enthusiasts add extra weight to make this exercise even harder. Wearing your loaded dipping belt, grasp the bar with the appropriate grip and hang with your arms straight, chest up and lower back slightly arched. Bend your arms and pull yourself up until your chin is just above the height of the bar. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

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Rappd Heavy Duty Leather Dip Belt