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Row n' Tone Water Resistance Rower

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The Row n Tone Water Resistance Rower is the perfect tool for quickly and easily burning calories and toning up at home. Take your body and mind to a happy place with the calming sounds and motion of the Row n' Tone Water Resistance Rower and glide your way to achieving the health & wellness goals of your dreams.

The benefits of rowers are well known: Low impact cardiovascular motion, ideal for targeting core strength, full-body toning without discomfort, suitable for all ages and stages. The Row n Tone delivers all of these benefits and so much more including:

* Suitable for all fitness levels, ages, and sizes.

* Targets the thighs, buttocks, tummy, back, and arms.

* Builds core strength to improve posture and balance.

* Low impact workout with minimal strain on joints and ligaments.

* Improve cardiovascular fitness and strength at the same time.

* Large digital console for monitoring workouts and goal setting.

* Comfortable ergonomic seat and large adjustable footplates.

* Tablet holder so you can watch your favourite shows while working out.

* Adjustable height digital console and tablet holder.

* Quick-release foot straps for easy adjustment and comfort.

* Virtually silent seat glide with enclosed bearings for a smooth ride.

* Performance measures: Time, Count, Distance, Calories, Total Count.

* Quality engineered and coated steel frame with a lifetime warranty.

* Adjustable stabilizers for use on uneven surfaces. Wheels for transportation.

* Maximum user weight of 120kgs.

* Dimensions of 220cm long x 53cm wide x 103cm high.

* Rower weight when assembled of 34.5kg.

Using the Row n Tone Water Resistance Rower is simple: The rower's speed determines the machine's resistance. Row slowly and it is easy, row fast, and the resistance level naturally increases. An additional benefit of this rower is that it has a firm "catch" at the start of the stroke that lightens smoothly as the stroke finishes which more closely mimics the authentic rowing motion.

Care Instructions:
Please consult your physician before beginning any new fitness regime.

Country of Origin: CHINA

Warranty and Additional Info:
Lifetime frame warranty. 1-year parts & labour warranty.
The rower does not come delivered with water already in the tank. Tap water is added by the user after assembly to suit your preference and according to the markings on the side of the tank. The more water added, the higher the resistance level of the rower.

Max user weight 120kg.

Row n' Tone Water Resistance Rower