RumbleRoller & Beastie SMR Tips DVD CLEARANCE

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Learn the best techniques when using the Rumble Roller and Beastie Series.

Jeff Alexander teaches coaches and therapists his approach to SMR called the Alexander Method of SMR™ all over the United States.

He has compressed two days of instruction into a little over three hours in 10-minute educational segments.

This 2-disc combo pack offers the option of playing over 3 hours of video instruction in a standard DVD player or achieving almost HD-quality video on the Blu-Ray disc. Watch a segment, then go practice what you learned. Repeat. When you’re ready, watch a different segment. Take your time and “dig in” with the material on the discs.

You’ll find ways to relieve muscular knots that you didn’t even know you had…Good luck!


RumbleRoller & Beastie SMR Tips DVD CLEARANCE