ViPR Fitness Tube, 4kg

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Delivering an effective whole-body workout, ViPR training combines strength and fitness training to increase muscle definition, burn calories and reduce body fat while increasing flexibility in over 9,000 exercise variations.


VIPR stands for three kind of lifestyles:Vitality, Performance, and Reconditioning.

ViPR has already made its mark in gyms, in instructor circles and in the media.

It is an extremely effective training tool that is incredibly durable and functional.

As an integration of dumbbell, barbell, kettlebells and balance ball and other fitness equipments, it can be used to do many different kinds of movements and meet the needs of exercisers at all levels.

The rubber material vastly ensures the safety of the exercise.

It is not a cold machine providing monotonous exercise, it can provide different strength and demand to the practitioner, improve their motor ability.

Through ViPR training, such as lift, drag, throw, practitioners can remodel the movement foundation and achieve higher performance.

Perfect for home or commercial use.

 Movements with This Product:

    • Cylinder lift :With the VIPR on its end,get into a squat stance. lift the VIPR up and perform a squat, to make this harder, hold the VIPR lower down.
    • Lateral Lunge with Horizontal Push:Take the VIPR by the hands and hold it at chest high. Take a lateral step and go into a side lunge, as you do this push the VIPR out to the side. Return to the start and step to the other side.
    • Lateral Catches:With the VIPR on it's end and a wide stance, push the VIPR to the side and catch it in the hand, push it back to the other side and shift your weight across to catch it. Keep going side to side increasing the distance of the lateral step as you warm up.
    • Brand new condition
    • Provides an effective, whole body workout
    • Made of rubber, safe, comfortable grip
    • Integrated design, durable and portable
    • Can be used to do 9000 plus exercises
    • There are five colors for you to choose
    • There are five weights for you to choose
    • Suitable for practitioners at all levels
    • Improve both strength and endurance
    • Product Available in:4KG, 6KG,8KG,10KG,12KG  (8.8LBS,13LBS,17.6LBS, 22LBS, 26LBS respectively)
    • Material:natutal rubber
    • Product Dimensions:110 ×12.7 CM / 43 × 5 INCH
    • Product Function:loaded movement training

Box size:  165cm x 16cm x 16cm

ViPR Fitness Tube, 4kg