Floor-to-Ceiling Balls

The floor-to-ceiling ball or double-end bag is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the boxing studio. It does not only help improve hand speed but also hand-eye coordination, most especially reaction time. It is characterized by a round leather inflatable punch ball that is suspended between the floor and the ceiling by elastic cords. Other benefits of training with a floor-to-ceiling ball are muscle toning, improved punching speed, defensive reflexes, and footwork.

Once you’ve installed the double-end bags in your gym, it’s time to put your member’s punching skills to the test.

For beginners, start with having them stand in front of the ball and practice throwing a punch one after another using a jab-cross combo. This will help build an easy rhythm as the cord elasticity keep the bag rebounding back and forth for each punch. Make sure to keep an eye on your boxers’ stance and guard with their hands up and withdrawing ready to cover the chin after throwing a punch.

Once they get the rhythm in using this boxing equipment, they can start throwing a hook or uppercut, and as expected the floor-to-ceiling ball will begin to move in different directions depending on the punches. As boxers get the hang of the rhythm and are able to keep a good stance, they can start picking up the speed and power of their punches.

Floor-to-Ceiling Balls

Features • High Air Retention. • Raised inflating valve • Canvas surrounding valve so the bladder can be pasted into a ball to eliminate bladder movement • Extra thick gauge latex to ensure the bladder lasts • Ideal for both round and elongated shape balls
Morgan Round Floor to Ceiling Ball Bladder Description The Morgan high air retention replacement bladders are designed to fit our round shaped endurance and platinum range floor to ceiling balls. Made from a thick latex compound supported by a layer or canvas applied around the raised valve provide easy installation and...
MORGAN BUNGEE CORD FLOOR TO CEILING STRAPS Made from bungy cord straps Heavy duty adjustable straps with Webbing backing Ideal for gyms and personal use
AAA Punch Floor to Ceiling Ball Anchor Description • The Floor to Ceiling Ball Anchor is designed for all Punch Floor to Ceiling Balls. • This product will allow you to keep labour to a minimum when installing your floor to ceiling ball! • Simply fill the Anchor with sand (Small Sand Bags...
PRODUCT FEATURES    Home Boxing Equipment  Designed as a quick & easy bag hanging solution  Engineered to hold up to 40kg Boxing Bags with ease  Built to wrap around poles, bars & other household roof structures  Rubberized interior surface to prevent hanger rotation & slipping Size Suitable For Wraps Around One...
MORGAN TARGET FLOOR TO CEILING BALL • Super Nylex material makes the ball quicker than leather • Perfectly weighted and round in shape • Strong adjustable strap included • Reinforced loops • Ideal for home or gym use • Approx. 4.5 inch diameter 
MORGAN ENDURANCE FLOOR TO CEILING BALL • Super Nylex material makes the ball quicker then Leather • Elongated design • Strong adjustable strap included • Reinforced loops sewn into entire length of the ball • Ideal for home or gym use • Approx. 14 inches long x 6 inches wide • NO ZIPPER OR RIVETS
MORGAN 8" ENDURANCE FLOOR TO CEILING • Super Nylex material makes the ball quicker then leather • Perfectly weighted and round in shape • Strong adjustable strap included • Reinforced loops • Ideal for home or gym use • Approx. 8 inches in diameter