At Musclemania, we take pride in selling high-grade, professional boxing punch bags that meet your training needs. We offer for sale a wide selection of the best boxing and punching bags of different sizes and types from specialty punch bags, freestanding punch bags and heavy punch bags perfect for any wall mount brackets.

Our boxing bags have been used in the sport of boxing and Muay Thai for decades. We also have hanging punch bags, kick bags, speedballs, floor-to-ceiling balls, Muay Thai bags, body bags for sale, and even boxing bags for kids. All these will surely get you closer to achieving your goals and creating the perfect training area.

Heavy punch bags are a must-have for any gym, regardless if it offers combat sports like mixed martial arts and boxing or not. There are many benefits when a person includes a punching bag workout into the routine, such as enhancing aerobic fitness and core stability. However, choosing the right punch bag for your gym may be a bit tricky since sizing the heavy punch bag will entail that you know the average weight of your members. The general rule is that the boxing bag should be approximately half the user's weight.

Apart from hanging and freestanding punch bags, specialty punch bags are handy equipment to have around your gym. These types of punch bags are a hit to advanced members who want to practice boxing combos such as angle strikes, uppercuts as well as knee and curl punches. Since your goal is to have top-of-the-line fighters, it is in your best interest to help them train and polish their techniques.

We offer specialty punching bags such as uppercut, angle, teardrop, clinch bag, teardrop, wrecking ball, torso shape, and water punch bags. 

The floor-to-ceiling ball or double-end bag is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the boxing studio. It does not only help improve hand speed but also hand-eye coordination, most especially reaction time. It is characterized by a round leather inflatable punch ball that is suspended between the floor and the ceiling by elastic cords. Other benefits of training with a floor-to-ceiling ball is muscle toning, improved punching speed, defensive reflexes, and footwork.

Once you’ve installed the double-end bags in your gym, it’s time to put your member’s punching skills to the test.

For beginners, start with having them stand in front of the ball and practice throwing a punch one after another using a jab-cross combo. This will help build an easy rhythm as the cord elasticity keep the bag rebounding back and forth for each punch. Make sure to keep an eye on your boxers’ stance and guard with their hands up and withdrawing ready to cover the chin after throwing a punch.

Once they get the rhythm in using this boxing equipment, they can start throwing a hook or uppercut, and as expected the floor-to-ceiling ball will begin to move in different directions depending on the punches. As boxers get the hang of the rhythm and are able to keep a good stance, they can start picking up the speed and power of their punches.

Durable hanging speedballs are designed to enhance speed, coordination, reflex, timing and power. Speed training ball also increases strength and stamina. It is a great cardio exercise with the added benefit of developing accuracy and laser-sharp concentration.

Morgan Sports, AAA Punch, V.I.P Australian-made, Everlast.


Key Features The V.I.P Sports Jumbo Bags have a much larger hitting zone than the normal boxing bag with a huge circumference of 144cm & weighing up to 40kg with the extra weight. The bags are lined with 50mm Shock Absorbing Foam & come with a tie down loop that...
AAA Punch Special Softy Boxing Bag Description If you’re looking for a bag which is going to be more forgiving on your body, this is the perfect bag for you! This boxing bag is primarily used by boxers for increasing their punching power and improving their technique, however, this bag...
MORGAN ENDURANCE PRO XL HEAVY PUNCH BAG The Morgan V2 endurance punch bag is the essence of a true heavyweight punch bag, measuring 180cm x 42cm in diameter and approx. 65-70kg makes this one of the widest punch bags available to purchase in Australia. Manufactured using our signature 1050D ripstop...
MORGAN BKK READY FOAM LINED 6FT PUNCH BAG • Made from 1200D ATF grade rip stop vinyl  • Hand filled Australian made inner foam lining with premium wool and rag inner filling to create a dense yet soft impact area • 4 x seat belt webbed + heavy D ring hanging attachments...
MORGAN XL PLATINUM ANGLE PUNCH BAG  Features Constructed from 1200D rip stop vinyl 6 x re-enforced hanging straps Balanced 55-60kg weight reduces overall swing of the bag Multi purpose design which is ideal for punching, kicking, kneeing, elbowing, uppercutting A larger 15cm overhang allows for a better uppercutting area We...
AAA Punch Trophy Getters Boxing Bag Description The Trophy Getters® Boxing Bag is ideal for boxing training at home or in the gym! The Trophy Getters® Boxing Bags are designed with extra heavy ripstop material and 10mm foam lining throughout the bag, which helps protect the bag from wearing out....
MORGAN ENDURANCE PRO XL HEAVY PUNCH BAG The Morgan V2 endurance punch bag is the essence of a true heavyweight punch bag, measuring 150cm x 42cm in diameter and approx. 50kg, makes this one of the widest punch bags available to purchase in Australia. Manufactured using our signature 1050D ripstop...
Features Uppercut Bag Made from strong 1200D Vinyl material 3 x hanging straps. Ideal for gym use Weighs approx. 50-60kg 1.5m x 35cm  (EMPTY OPTION AVAILABLE)