Strength Attachments

Key Features: Fit the Pivot Heavy-duty Econ. Rack (PHR3240) & Deluxe Smith Machine (PHM3310).  Solid construction.  For Suspension Straps & Gym Ring. Assembled Dimensions: 12cm (L) x 6cm (W) x 6.7cm (H). Weight Capacities:Maximum User Weight: 120 KG (264.5 LBS).
Description MORGAN HEAD LIFTING & NECK HARNESS Features Made from heavy duty webbing Neoprene inner padding Thick velcro strap for adjusting 65cm stainless steel link chain with snap lock
Nylon Head Harness recommended for all athletes and specifically designed for those in contact sports, head harnesses condition the neck and upper back muscles. Features include the finest quality materials, extra-heavy D rings and steel chain. Completely padded with high density neoprene to absorb shock and prevent cuts, chafing and...
Rappd Ankle Strap – Commercial grade. Heavy duty adjustable Velcro strap ensures a secure fit and peace of mind when lifting heavy weight. Made with quality materials. High strength webbing and 2 solid stainless steel D Rings which distribute weight evenly on both sides of the ankle strap. Heavily padded inner side...
Pivot PHA3715 Dip Handle Attachment   KEY FEATURES: Solid Construction Fit HR3260, HR3262 Racks   
Key Features Suitable for use with the LU475R, LU475PC & L470HR. Made to last, these hooks offer secure, safe support so you can train confidently & safely. Maximum Weight Capacity: 363 KG (800 LBS)   Download Product Brochure Here
Key Features: Fit for Pivot Torsonator/Landmine/T-Bar (PHA3720).  Solid construction. Weight Capacities:Maximum User Weight: 180 KG (397 LBS).
Key Features T-Bar trainer LBRT10 fits onto L314SR, L315SR, L415SR, L470HR, LU475PC & C516RS.  Only applies to 2016 stock.  Attaches to the main frame of all these products with two bolts.  Internal double bearings for smooth rotation.  Handle bar kits (LBRTKIT) available for Olympic bars.  Assembled Dimensions: 30cm (L) x 15cm (W)...