Protective Equipment

Boxing & Muay Thai Protective and Sparring Equipment

Due to the aggressive nature of the sport, Morgan Sports understands that when it comes to protective equipment only the highest quality will do.

That is why we have you covered from head to toe. Offering a wide selection of head guards, groin guards, breast guards, shin guards, gel and Mexican hand wraps, gel mouth guards, boxing gloves, and bag mitts.

Our protective equipment is available in a diverse range of materials consisting of, leather, synthetic leather, silicone gel inserts, gel shock lining, latex foams, injected foams, and specialty compounds all designed to offer you the highest level of boxing and Muay Thai protective equipment.

Martial Arts Sparring Equipment & Protective Gear

The right martial arts sparring gear is essential when you're sparring competitively. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the right karate sparring equipment is a necessity! Luckily, we have you covered, we'll keep you safe and protected. 

Stop searching all over for your martial arts clubs sparring equipment! Our sparring equipment offers a great value and is flexible enough to stand up to sessions of high-kicks.

Protective Equipment

Features • Made from durable plastic. • Padded edges • Breathable holes
Description MORGAN DUAL MOUTH GUARD Features Boil and Bite airway channel Clear in colour Packed plastic box
Features Super soft Boil and Bite Packed in a plastic box
Extremely lightweight and sturdy for optimum protection. Wide elastic waist and leg bands to hold guard firm. It has a comfortable curve and tucked-up mold. Easy on/off and wash with removable cup also can be worn inside or outside of pants. Available in black or white color  
MORGAN COTTON BOXING HAND WRAPS 180" - 4m long (PAIR) Made from durable non stretch cotton Hook and loop design Wrapping instructions Velcro closure 4 Meters x 2" wide
AAA Punch Urban Stretch Hand Wraps - 4m • Length: 400cm (4m) • Cotton Stretch Elastic Material • 2 Wraps Per Pack • Non-Scratch Hidden Hook and Loop Strap • Hand Wrapping Instructions Included on packaging  
$12.00 $15.00
Features Made from elastic material for a snug fit Protection of shin area Ideal for beginners
MOUTH GUARD GEL FIT - A+ PROTECTION Breathable air channels Heavy Duty Rubber Protrudent Area limits movement Gel Fit Liner for a tight fit