MMA Gloves

Features Platinum HP-7 MMA gloves Endurance H&J-12 focus pads Short sleeve SW-5 rash guard Professional S-21 MMA Shorts
Features HP-9A Ladies mma gloves Curved H&J-13 focus pads All purpose SR-4 skipping rope Mini N-1 rear view mirror gloves.
Description This PU constructed MMA glove is the preferred choice for MMA training camps.  The “Americana” offers the perfect combination of compactness and practicality. Features • Striking appearance • High density multi layer foam padding • Wide wrist wrap for additional support • Durable synthetic leather construction • Available size: small, medium, large, extra large
SMAI MMA Gloves SMAI’s MMA gloves are designed with the fighter in mind. Constructed from the best Full grain cowhide leather these gloves are designed to last. A 1inch layer of gel foam protects the knuckles, fingers and top of the hand making it ideal for competition, training, bag and...
Features • Made from 100% premium cowhide leather • New 3pcs wrist support feature that extends the length of the shuto gloves • Open palm design for maximum hand control • 40cm - 3 points velcro double hook and loop leather strap for a tight fit • Engineered with extra thick 3.5cm pre-curved high impact...
Features Made from high grade 100% matt finish cowhide leather Excellent coverage over fingers, knuckles and back of fist Quad core polymax inner padding for maximum impact distribution  Made to enhance all offensive strikes and techniques while offering superior open palm on-guard defensive manoeuvres Super sleek design Leather wrap around...
Features Made from Italian Nappa cowhide leather Classed as 4oz MMA gloves due to their weight and size Dual cross over military-grade velcro closure  Japanese quad-core inner foam complex ensures the padding is soft for direct striking but dense enough for heavy bags  The Y-Yolar design keeps the gloves tight on the...
Features Made from DLX cowhide leather Dual cross over military-grade velcro closure The Y-Yolar design keeps the gloves tight on the palm open or closed fist Standardized foam complex for optimal impact performance