Training Weapons

Made from a highly durable Red Oak wood 3cm diameter Ideal for stretching before weights, cross training and any general exercise Available in either 127cm or 180cm long
" Description MORGAN ESKRIMA/KALI STICKS 26'' Features Made from a durable rattan wood Less jarring then traditional hard wood Great for traditional Kali stick fighting and a useful alternative for weapon defense training Sold as a pair "
MORGAN PRECISION TRAINING STICKS Made from a highly durable PU outer skin, with a soft EVA inner padding and long lasting PVC plastic inner tube 60cm x 5.5cm diameter  Approx weight is 450gr 2 way support grip system with individual finger inserts + an adjustable velcro closure that goes over the...
"Description MORGAN RED OAK WOODEN TANTO Features Made from a red oak wooden finish Approx 30cm in length Thick gripping handle Perfect for knife attack simulation and defence "
"Description MORGAN SHINAI/KENDO STICK Features Bamboo and Leather Kendo training weapon Tsuba included Available in 36"", 38"" & 39"" "
The red oak bokken is crafted ensuring that wood fibers run parallel in the entire length to minimize breaks while offering a great balance to the weapon practitioner. Its routed blood groove also gives a good swooshing sound when it cuts through the air. This 107cm-long red oak bokken has...
"Description MORGAN SAFETY/FOAM BOKKEN (40'') Features Ideal for training of all ages and levels Realistic weight as it has a surgical plastic core PADDED ENDS TO ENSURE NO INJURIES "
Features Ideal for training of all ages and levels NBR grade foam blade with a heavy duty nylon cover HDR grade foam handle 40CM in length