Training Weapons

MORGAN PRECISION TRAINING STICKS Made from a highly durable PU outer skin, with a soft EVA inner padding and long lasting PVC plastic inner tube 60cm x 5.5cm diameter  Approx weight is 450gr 2 way support grip system with individual finger inserts + an adjustable velcro closure that goes over the...
"Description MORGAN SHINAI/KENDO STICK Features Bamboo and Leather Kendo training weapon Tsuba included Available in 36"", 38"" & 39"" "
Description MORGAN RED OAK TAPERED BO (72" - 180cm) Features Thin end and thick middle Ideal for long distance fighting tappered with 2cm ends
"Description MORGAN SAFETY/FOAM BOKKEN (40'') Features Ideal for training of all ages and levels Realistic weight as it has a surgical plastic core PADDED ENDS TO ENSURE NO INJURIES "
"Description MORGAN ESKRIMA/KALI STICKS (WITH BURN MARKS) Features DLX rattan wood with burn marks 26'' Less Jarring then traditional hard wood Ideal for both Kali style training and weapon defense simulation Sold as a pair "
Made from a highly durable Red Oak wood 3cm diameter Ideal for stretching before weights, cross training and any general exercise Available in either 127cm or 180cm long
" Description MORGAN ESKRIMA/KALI STICKS 26'' Features Made from a durable rattan wood Less jarring then traditional hard wood Great for traditional Kali stick fighting and a useful alternative for weapon defense training Sold as a pair "
The red oak bokken is crafted ensuring that wood fibers run parallel in the entire length to minimize breaks while offering a great balance to the weapon practitioner. Its routed blood groove also gives a good swooshing sound when it cuts through the air. This 107cm-long red oak bokken has...