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Kick shields are common pieces of training equipment for martial arts. It helps improve kickboxing techniques, develop powerful punches and kicks against a real and moving target. On the other hand, kick pads protect sparring partners or trainers from potential injuries. Morgan’s high-quality kick shields are designed to absorb shock from elbow strikes, shin kicks, or punches of every weight class.

We offer the best selection and variety of Brands of kicking targets such as focus pads, mitts, and target pads, Muay Thai pads, strike and hit shields, and precision sticks among others. Martial arts require training equipment that not only enhances skills and protects but also is also comfortable to use. Our large inventory of strike shields will help build athletes’ endurance, accuracy, and power to achieve peak performance.

AAA Punch, Morgan Sports, Everlast, V.I.P Australian-Made.


MORGAN V2 JNR FOCUS PADS ATF grade dx rexene material Light weight, high rebound inner foam for minimal jarring  Perforated hand insert compartment Inner palm ball designed for smaller hands to aid in gripping the pads Ideal junior focus pads designed specifically for kids Approx: 20.5cm x 14cm x 4.5cm...
Features Straight shape Ideal for all-purpose and all places Inner palm ball for a better grip Velcro wrist strap for a tight fit Mostly used for home use and light PT training
MORGAN STRIKE SHIELD CARRY BAG Carries 5 x Snr strike shields. Carries 7 x Jnr strike shields Breathable mesh with Kadura sides Shoulder hanging and drag strap Velcro lid closure Perfect for mobility and to keep your studio tidy
Features: For physical therapy and balance. Designed to increase balance and used in rehab situations and physical therapy. Suitable for beginners and seniors. Non-Slip: Textured sweat-proof surface provides additional grip, prevents slipping or sliding even in sweaty workouts.  Convenient for standing on and performing lunges, push-ups, squats, sit-ups, yoga poses,...
Features Pre-Bent shape - 24x19x5cm Made from E-17 & SUPER FLEX NYLEX 1.5cm front EVA layer padding, backed with rebound foam to ensure your pads last Double-stitched palm & ergonomically engineered with the ball in palm area for extra grip Extra padding on pulse area with an additional pull-down flap...
Features Multi-layer 5.5cm inner padding consisting of EVA and super absorbent latex Engineered specifically for elite combat sports and high usage PT Ergonomically designed for pad holders and strikers 4cm secure wrist strap Finger saver/warmers which can also be used as a padded backhand strike by the holder of the...
Features  • Made from smooth Super Nylex • Air release eyelets • Plastic tubing on reinforced handles • 100% Australian made • Medium density foam • DLX foam = High-Density Australian made foam • Dimensions: 41.5cm wide x 16.5cm thick
The Morgan rag filled round shield is the original style round shield that has been an incredible training staple for athletes of every skill level. Perfect power punches, jabs, hooks, body shots, combinations and more. Using 850D rip stop vinyl and filled with a combination of Australian made cotton and...