Light Commercial Racks

Pivot PHR3250 Heavy Duty Half Rack Key Features Multi-grip pull up bar Patent magnetic J hooks and spotters Dual connection of uprights for extra stability Multiple plate storage and bar hanger Heavy duty construction Assembly Size: L121 x W156 x H215 cm
Pivot PHR3260 Heavy Duty Power Rack Key Features • Multi-grip pull up bar • Patent magnetic J hooks and spotters • Sandwich J hooks with strengthened nylon insert • Bumper pad on spotters • Solid construction
Key Features Heavy duty construction Light Commercial rated 2 x 210lb Weight stacks Fully adjustable swiveling pulleys Single grip attachments included Chin up bar with different grip options Full length weight stack covering Dimensions: 320cm (W) x 90cm (D) x 222cm (H) White Frame
PIVOT PFSR400 CABLE SMITH RACK Features • One machine to combine three main functions, Cable, Smith & Power Rack. • Stainless Steel front uprights. • Linear bearings provide smooth Smith moving. • Optional Dip Handle, T-bar Trainer & Rope Anchor etc. • 2 x 160 LBS precisely milled Steel plates with Nylon bushing. • Built-in...