It’s time to get real about virtual gyms

There’s no doubt that weight gain tends to be a common issue in winter,  a result of various factors such as shorter days, comfort food and the security of loose layered clothing. However with winter upon us, now is the time to plan your winter wellness plan.

The desire to stay indoors and out of the colder elements is quite often one of the main reasons people tend to stop their fitness routine in winter. Whilst this is understandable, maintaining (or starting) a fitness routine will help your immune system and mental health, as well as have you ready for the warmer season ahead.

One option that has become increasingly popular which allows you to work out in the comfort of your own home is the online gym.

An online gym can come in many forms. It can be a gym that offers fitness training via a streaming platform, or a personal training program structured and supported online by a personal trainer, or it can be a fitness program or workouts you find on YouTube and other free websites.

What are the benefits of online training at home?

There are many benefits to creating an at-home gym with some home exercise equipment and getting started with a winter workout routine.

Some of the benefits include:

Resources and Support. Online fitness options not only enable you to maintain (or start) a fitness routine in the comfort of your own home, they also provide you with the resources, support and accountability you need to stay on-track.

Limitless Options. The unlimited expanse of the Internet means that if you’re tired of your current workout program, you can simply search and find something new to try within minutes, helping to keep you engaged and motivated. 

Easily Accessible. All you need to get started is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection.

Financial Savings. Most online training options are priced lower than offline options. Other savings include the cost of traditional gym memberships or personal trainers, outlaying for multiple gym outfits, transportation costs and more. Plus you don’t have to worry about any complicated gym membership contracts.

Privacy. There are many people who find gyms intimidating for a multitude of reasons. The ability to combine online guidance with home fitness equipment empowers these people to take control of their wellness in a safe and comfortable space.

More time. Working out at home means more time up your sleeve for other things. No commute means no traffic, no time spent looking for parking or a locker and no waiting around for your turn on the equipment.

No more sharing. Having home fitness equipment means no more standing around waiting for your turn on your equipment of choice such as treadmill, a weight-lifting bench etc. Home means your workout time is truly for you – and cannot be overtaken with waiting and readjusting machines the entire time.

Flexibility. We all have busy days trying to balance multiple commitments. And quite often, these obligations means the gym is not open either early or late enough for you to get there. Online fitness means you can work out a time that suits you. All you need to do is switch on and start.

Preparing your winter workout zone
The array of benefits make it clear why working out at home with online guidance has become an increasingly popular option. And the best thing is it doesn’t have to cost the earth to start.

How much you invest in setting up a DIY home gym is at your discretion. If you have a small budget to start with, then perhaps look at starting with a few home gym essentials. What you consider essential should be determined by the type of activities you plan to do eg weight lifting, cardio, strength training etc.

Or perhaps you want to go all out and create an all-in-one gym that fulfills not only your fitness goals, but also those of family or friends that live with you? If so, it’s important to sit down together and see what the best home exercise equipment to choose is, as it needs to suit everyone’s needs.

For example: do you want weight training equipment? Perhaps your child needs cardio equipment? What about strength training?

Only by proactively planning the home gym space will you be able to help ensure that everyone in your household has a smooth winter workout routine.

Regardless of what you choose to do, the most important thing to do is just start. Starting your winter workout routine now will go a long way to maintaining a strong immune system, a strong mind, and of course, a strong body.

After all, isn’t that what you deserve?



Christina Seru
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