MAINTAINING YOUR TREADMILL Musclemania Fitness MegaStore

While it won’t take up all your time, treadmill maintenance is so important to ensure you reduce wear, lengthen the life of the treadmill and keep it running smoothly.


What you need to maintain your treadmill?


When you purchase a treadmill, you will also receive a small pump bottle of lubricant. This is the primary piece of equipment you will need. This is used lubricate the running deck.


The other option you have to lubricate the running deck is to use a silicone lube. Both are applied the same and give the same results.


How to lubricate the running deck on your treadmill.


Lubricating the running deck on your treadmill is simple and easy to do.


  1. Take the tip of your lubricant pump or spray bottle and place it under the mat. Always starting at the top of the deck, closest to the motor.
  2. Spray or pump out the lubricant solution as you pull the bottle or can from the motor end of the running deck down to the base. Repeat this on both sides of the running deck.
  3. The final step is to run the treadmill for 15-20 mins. This will help spread the lubricant across the width of the mat. *


*While you don’t need to walk on the running deck throughout the duration of this period, we do recommend walking on the deck for a couple of minutes (after letting the machine run on its own for the time period) to help ensure the even spread of the lubricant.