Bosu Balance Boards & their Benefits

Balance is like breathing, it’s a fundamental function of our human existence. Whether you’re sitting at your desk, going for a walk or picking something up, you’ll be testing out your balance.

But balance doesn’t always come easily and even if you have spectacular balance, it’s still important to continue exercising those muscles.


Balance boards are a great addition for you at home, office or studio space, to do just that.


Not only are they suitable for all ages, if used regularly, they can enhance fitness and balance while still being easy on your joints.


How to use a Balance Board


Simply put, you will just need to “stand” on the board to start working on those muscles that help you balance. Stabilising the board is the start to your balance board journey.


The next step is to start training simple movements. A rock forward or side-ways. Now try to keep that consistent.


As you start to build confidence and strengthen those core muscles you can add in exercises like squats, planks, push-ups and bridge poses to do even more targeted workouts.


The Nohrd Eau-Me Board

If you’re looking for a more unique and challenging workout then the Nohrd Eau-Me Board may be for you.


This is a new-generation balance board boasting a patented combination of classic balance training with the element of water. As you step on and move through your exercises, the water is constantly moving too. This forces your body to react with each tilt, increasing the challenge of workout and ensuring that your body does not become too familiar with the workout.


You can find the Nohrd Eau-Me Board in-store and online at Musclemania.


Product benefits review:

  • Great for improving balance and posture
  • Aid in rehabilitation and strengthen problem areas
  • Prevent lower body injuries
  • Increase motor skills
  • Increase core strength