Why Elliptical Cross Trainers are a great addition to your Home Gym

If you’re looking for a product that gives you a great workout and helps you save a little time then look no further than an Elliptical Cross Trainer. 

Elliptical cross trainers ensure you’re exercising both the lower and upper body at the same time. They do this by providing resistance to the muscles in your legs, chest, arms and shoulders. Plus, because our legs and arms are moving in a kind of criss-cross fashion, elliptical trainers also work our midsection as well. That means you’re working out all parts of your body in one session.

But guess what, there are so many additional benefits to elliptical cross trainer exercising than just a full body workout. They are great machines to:

  • Boost your stamina and cardio capacity
  • Burn a lot of calories
  • Put less stress on your joints while you train
  • Burn body fat
  • Target specific leg muscles
  • Improve your balance
  • Maintain fitness after injury

We love the elliptical cross trainer, so much so that we’re featuring the Spirit SXE295 Elliptical Cross Trainer as our Product of the Month offer in May!

Spirit have built one of the most trusted names in the fitness and equipment space & they have delivered again with this cross trainer.

Features include:

  • A heavy-duty frame that is durable and reliable
  • Designed that enables smooth and natural range of motion
  • Multi-grip handles which allow ultimate comfort when in use
  • Adjustable pedal height allowing you to target your quads more efficiently
  • Trackable workouts and remote control of the machine from compatible smart phone application
  • A 7.5” LCD Display Screen
  • Heart Rate monitors

And so much more.

If you shop this model during the month of May you will also receive FREE delivery within 40kms of Menai (to ground floor only). PLUS a free floor equipment mat to help protect the ground where you place your new cross trainer. This is a total added value of $199.

Learn more about the Spirit SXE295 Elliptical Cross Trainer and shop online here.

Spirit SXE295 Elliptical