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Gold's Gym Pro Lifting Straps Maximises your grip and assists in grip fatigue. Cotton and Latex Material. Single Closed Loop design. Neoprene Wrist Pad Cushions. 61cm (24") Length with no slip grip. Ideal for Pull-Ups and other Weight lifting exercises.
Gold's Gym Microfiber Towels   80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide. Soft and durable microfiber material. Absorbs moisture faster and dries quicker. Gym towels feature a secure storage zip pocket & roll-up band for rolling up and hanging. Available in Small (85cm x 50cm), Large (130cm x 60cm) Colours: Small - Dark Navy...
Gold's Gym Power Bands   Improves intensity of Squats, Lunges, Push Up's and Curls. Assists in Deepening stretches and improving flexibility and aids in gaining flexibility, strength and agility. Provides resistance to working out muscles. Available in: Ultra Light (Blue), Light (Red), Medium (Green), Heavy (Yellow), Ultimate (Black). Resistance Levels...
Gold's Gym Training Gloves with Wrist Straps Fully adjustable Wrist Support Strap. Textured Microfiber Grip. Gel and Foam Padding for extra comfort. Finger-Pull Tab with Velcro Closure. 1/2 Finger lengths. Available in: Small/Medium, Medium/Large, Large/Extra Large
Key Features Lightweight NBR Material - 10mm. Includes Carry Strap for easier transportation. Ideal for Yoga or Pilates poses. Non-Slip surface. Provides comfort during stretching and exercising. Dimensions: 173cm (L) x 60cm (W) x 10mm (thick).
Full Price $10.95/kg  - Discounted Price $8.95/kg    Key Features • Rubber-Coating. • Chrome Handle. • Partially Knurled Grip. • SOLD IN PAIRS The shipping quote may vary according to the weight of the dumbbells. Call us for an exact shipping quote.   
Gold's Gym Pro Lifting Grips  Durable Rubber Grip. Adjustable Neoprene Padded Wrist Strap. Protects the Palms and Gives a Tight Grip. Medium - 18cm (7") Grip Length. Large - 20cm (7.87") Grip Length. 
Key FeaturesRubber Grip Weight Plate.2" (5cm) Centre Hole.Iron Casting.Grip Handles.20kg/44lbs. Available Sizes: 5kgs /11lbs. 10kgs /22lbs. 15kgs /33lbs. 20kgs /44lbs.   SOLD IN PAIRS.