• Family owned and operated
  • Over 30+ years in the fitness industry, founded in 1988 it has cemented itself as a leading industry wholesaler of combat sports, functional fitness and rugby league supplies.
  • Top of the line commercial grade combat sports and functional fitness equipment complying with commercial industry standards.
  • Huge range of over 7,500 products to choose from. Catering for levels and training styles


COLLAPSIBLE / SAFETY WITCHES HATS Features Perfect when safety is a concern Collapses under minimal pressure
Morgan All Purpose Skipping Rope Features Pencil thick vinyl skipping rope Thin plastic handles Ideal for warm up skipping and everyday light use Rope length is approx 2.6m (2.75m rope + handle)
Description MORGAN COTTON INNER GLOVES (PAIR) Features Ideal for gym use when hygiene is in question Can be washed on a gentle cycle for repeated use Made from a durable cotton lining Has elastic strip at wrist for added support *PLEASE CONTACT US FOR BULK PRICING
MORGAN MINI GLOVE KEY RING Features Real padding and detail like full size boxing glove Miniature boxing glove approx. 2.5 x 1.5 Excellent key ring for important keys that you don't want to get lost, like your gym or hall keys or for a shared convenience room Popular novelty attached...
Features Chrome high-grade whistle. Pea inside not too loud, not too soft ideal for a close group training session or public area
Features • Made from durable plastic. • Padded edges • Breathable holes
Description MORGAN ANKLE PROTECTORS (PAIR) Features Made from a deluxe elastic material Piping at foot ankle and foot cavity  
MORGAN MICRO "GLUTE" BANDS Made from high grade latex rubber compounds Designed for Glute and hamstring work outs Approx 23cm in diameter when unstretched and can reach approx 55cm on a full stretch  Blue bands are 0.8mm thick  Red bands are 1.0mm thick