15m Sisal Battle Rope - 2 Inch Diameter

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15m Sisal Battle Rope - 2 Inch Diameter

  • Loose weave in the rope ensure flexible and natural motion and rotation which is needed for Rope drills by undulating and rotating the rope in various regular motions giving you the ultimate Upper body, cardio and Core workout.
  • The major benefit of training with battle ropes is the application of upper body power, combined with endurance.
  • The rope is wrapped around an anchor point, and you hold it at the very end of the rope's length.
  • By implementing a whipping or circular motion with your arms, you create what's called a wave, which requires a huge metabolic demand to maintain in the rope.
  • Power endurance is an extremely demanding task on the body.
  • It is essentially the ability to apply maximal force, at maximal speed, for a maximal amount of time.
  • This requires a huge demand on the energy systems in the body, burning a huge amount of calories and improving strength and fitness.
  • Size: 2" Diameter Thickness
  • Material: Sisal
  • Length: 15M

15m Sisal Battle Rope - 2 Inch Diameter