Abs & Core Power Wheel With Knee Pad

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Abs & Core Power Wheel With Knee Pad

The Abs Power Wheel has been designed so that you obtain the maximum workout for your abdominal area and challenge the whole body.


Material: Plastic

Colour: Black/Grey

Size: 29cm Diameter


Foam Padded Handles

Foot Straps


Slip your feet into the foot straps and you can perform an extensive range of workouts that challenge the entire body.

Features two way easy-glide wheels and foam padded molded handles for easy grip which provides an effective workout.

You will also receive a knee pad for added comfort.

The double wheel provides an extra bit of stability and can be used by beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

Having the 2 functions of either being used as a normal abdominal roller wheel, or alternatively you can put your feet into the foot straps enabling you to work out your glutes, hips and back along with your abdominal and oblique muscles. It also works your hamstrings, complete upper and lower back, arms and shoulders.

Can be used at home, in the gym or whilst travelling. 


Abs & Core Power Wheel With Knee Pad