Adjustable Ankle Weights - Wrist Weights Set, 4kgs (total)

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4kg Adjustable Ankle Wrist Weights

  • Description
  • • The Ankle / Wrist Weights could be strapped onto your wrists or ankles.
  • • Wrap them around your ankle or wrist and then tighten them in place with a velcro band.
  • • Since your body is accustomed to lifting and moving its own natural weight, the addition of extra weight, especially at the end of your arms and legs, combined with gravity, really makes your muscles work overtime.
  • • Our quality, long-lasting adjustable ankle weights are made of heavy-duty reinforced nylon with iron rod inserts to adjust the weights according to your own requirement.
  • • You can remove the iron rod inserts to make up all variations from 0.4kg to 2kg, in increments of 0.4kg/ each rod.
  • • They are an ideal tool for training in your gym, practice, or at home.
  • Features and Specifications
  • • Adjustable in 400gm increments up to a total of 2kg per leg and 4kg in a pair (10 x 0.4kg Adjustable Weight Increments)
  • • Mesh outer casing for superior comfort and breathability.
  • • Velcro closure ensures a snug fit
  • • Great for toning the legs whilst walking, jogging and running
  • • Builds up leg strength for martial arts too.
  • • Dimensions: 35cm x 17cm x 2cm
  • • Color available: Black
  • • Package Content / Size: 2x2kg Ankle/Wrist Weights
  • • Box Size: 20cm x 15cm x 11.5 cm Package Weight 4.2kg

Adjustable Ankle Weights - Wrist Weights Set, 4kgs (total)