Battle Rope Wall Hanger

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Keeping your gym neat and tidy counts, primarily because it’s also safer.

Ropes will kink, jam or tangle when you use them, and people can trip over them. Getting into the habit of coiling your ropes when they’re not being used will protect them from unnecessary and unsafe wear and tear.

Twisted rope is best stored in round coils. Most twisted rope comes right-laid and should be wound clockwise, while left-laid rope should be wound counter-clockwise. Maintaining the rope’s lay ensures its ability to coil easily and play out smoothly.

Hang Out with a Smooth Operator

Here’s why you’re going to want to hang out with a rope hanger (besides it being it being super cool):

  • Smooth powder coated steel won’t damage your rope.
  • Long angular hook hanger makes coiling and storage easy.
  • Can be installed in drywall or concrete.


  • Contents: 1 x Rope Hanger and 4 x Wall Mounted Bolts
  • Dimensions: Base is 25 x 6.5cm, Rope Hook sticks out 35cm, total 30cm of hanging space, and 10cm lip.
  • Weight: 1kg

Battle Rope Wall Hanger