Bodycraft LCFTG Functional Trainer - Free Standing.

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Bodycraft LCFTG Functional Trainer

Key Features

The Bodycraft Functional Trainer is the most compact and versatile functional device that allows being placed into any corner of the room.

Independent, counterbalanced adjustable cable column pulleys with 32 height positions that rotate 180 degrees allowing you to train from every single angle and any height.

  • 32 adjustable positions, dual 180-degree swiveling pulley accommodating users of all heights and sizes.
  • Easy one-handed adjustment allows the user to transit position smoothly.
  • Aesthetically enclosed weight stack for safety and quiet weight plate movement.
  • Functional Trainer Accessories: Poster, 2 Single Handles, Ankle Cuff, and 2 Chains.
Weight Stack: 200lbs.

Weight Stack to User Ratio: 4:1.
Pulleys: 3.5" Fibreglass impregnated Nylon Pulleys with sealed ball bearings.

Cable: The most flexible Nylon coated 7x19 strand aircraft cable rated at over 2000lbs tensile strength.

Assembled Dimensions: 100.3cm (L) x 125.7cm (W) x 209.6cm (H).

Bodycraft LCFTG Functional Trainer - Free Standing.