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Bosu Style Balance Ball

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The Bosu ball is another piece of sports equipment that is used to improve balance skills.

The Bosu ball is a flexible rubber hemisphere attached to a hard plastic bottom.

In order to create different types of exercises, the Bosu ball can be used either with the flat hard bottom on the ground or the flexible rubber half on the ground.


The Bosu Balance Trainer delivers killer cardio workouts, builds strength, improves balance and flexibility, and fine-tunes sport skills.

Focus on a full-body workout or mix and match core, upper body, and lower body to create endless workout options. Use the Bosu Balance Trainer dome side up or down to create different exercise options. Proudly made in the USA.


Using the Bosu Balance Trainer while doing weight training exercises increases the challenge and helps to build strength faster. Add hand-held weights while lying on the Bosu to perform arm, shoulder, and chest exercises. Stand on the Bosu to perform squats, lunges, or other leg exercises. The increased weight forces the engagement of more muscles and helps to improve strength. Push-ups on the Bosu Balance Trainer can be performed dome side up or dome side down depending on the intensity desired.


Bosu Balance Trainer is known industry-wide as a versatile fitness device that delivers killer cardio workouts, builds strength, improves balance and flexibility, and fine-tunes sport skills. It consists of an inflated rubber dome attached to a rigid platform. The Bosu name is an acronym for Both Sides Utilized which refers to its versatility as a training device. Using the Bosu Balance Trainer dome side up provides an ever-changing, unstable, dynamic surface while the device itself remains stable. This element of instability is what creates the added challenge during exercises and is what makes Bosu so effective, and fun, as a fitness device. Flip the Bosu over and use dome side down to discover even more exercises.


The Bosu Balance Trainer targets the core muscles of your body helping you to not only gain strength, trim, and tone but to strengthen the entire body and improve balance. The Bosu Balance Trainer delivers an ever-changing dynamic surface that you can stand on, jump on, kneel on, and lay on, to perform exercises to train and challenge every part of your body. The Bosu Balance Trainer helps to increase body strength and improve balance, coordination, and body awareness which means overall improved fitness and fewer injuries. Because the Bosu Balance Trainer is impossible to master, it means endless exercise options as strength and ability increase. And, because of its small size and weight, it makes a great addition to any home gym and fits easily into any fitness program.


It’s easy to get started with the Bosu by simply following the exercises in the owner’s manual. Each of the exercises uses balance and stabilization techniques to challenge the cardiovascular system, muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility. The manual includes proper modifications for both beginners and more advanced users so that workouts are appropriate for any fitness level. 


Every time you walk, your body must maintain balance to stay upright and prevent falls. Balance happens when you control the body over changing terrain like sidewalks, steps, yards, and running trails. Using the Bosu Balance Trainer forces you to maintain your center of gravity while performing any exercise and is an excellent way to prepare and tone your body for everyday life, athletic skills and help prevent injury.


Certain yoga poses can easily be performed with the Bosu Balance Trainer to add increased difficulty or bring improved flexibility, while basic moves like downward dog, half-moon, and standard forward fold can be easier by incorporating the Bosu into the poses.


Incorporate the Bosu Balance Trainer when doing plyometric drills to improve both speed and power. The Bosu Balance Trainer helps to exert maximum force for short intervals for improvement in sports like tennis, football, basketball, and skiing.


Bosu Style Balance Ball