GoFit GF-PGYM-DVD Ultimate Pro Gym

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GoFit GF-PGYM-DVD Ultimate Pro Gym

Key Features

  • Train anywhere, anytime with the  Ultimate ProGym in a bag, and  Brook Benten’s fun, effective  training. Seven resistance  levels with all the accessories creates a total-body workout that gets results. Whatever the fitness level, this complete home gym can tone, strengthen and lift vitality. Packagine includes:

  • • 3 Resistance Tubes (Green - 20lb, Red - 30lb, Blue - 40lb).
  • • 2 Handles with Easy Grip Rubber.
  • • 1 Door Anchor.
  • • 2 Ankle Straps.
  • • 1 Carry Bag.
  • • Training Manual.
  • • Brook Benten Training DVD 
  • Dimension: 20.32cm x 14.6cm x 19.68cm
GoFit GF-PGYM-DVD Ultimate Pro Gym