GoFit GF-STHC Extreme Tube-Band Power Handle (Pair)

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GoFit GF-STHC Extreme Tube/Band Power Handle (Pair)

Key Features

  • GoFit Power Handles are sold as a pair. They come complete with a compact training manual for use with GoFit Power Tubes. The Handles can also be used with Super Bands for a variety of exercises.

  • Note: The Handles & Ankle Straps may be used with many cross-cable machines or home gyms & are convenient to take to the gym for sanitary purposes. The Door Anchor may be used with almost any resistance tube or band of any brand.

  • Dimension: 30.5cm x 16cm x 6.35cm

GoFit GF-STHC Extreme Tube-Band Power Handle (Pair)