Impulse Sterling SL7007 Row

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Impulse Sterling SL7007 Row

Resistance: Plate Loaded

Targeted Muscles: Lats, Rhomboids, Teres Major, Posterior Deltoids, Biceps, Middle Traps

Targeted Body Part: Back, Upper Limbs

Upholstery Colour: Black 1.2mm PVC

Colour: Black/Red

Regulating Part Colour: Yellow

Plate Storage: 2

Product Dimension: 1815 x 1500 x 1334mm

Net Weight: 160kg

Gross Weight: 183.6kg

NB:  Additional Freight charges may be applicable. Check with us for an accurate delivery rate.

       This is a Special Order Item and delays of 1 week to 10 weeks may be applicable. 

Impulse Sterling SL7007 Row