Morgan 20kg Black Harden Chrome Olympic Barbell - 680kg Capacity

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Morgan 20kg Black Harden Chrome Olympic Barbell - 680kg Capacity


Morgan Black Harden Chrome Olympic Bar is designed for Olympic weightlifting, weightlifting, competition lifting. The bar shaft is made from precision ground alloy steel with a black harden chrome coating. The strength of the shaft is tested with every shipment of raw material to ensure we have a consistent 190,000 PSI tensile strength. This attention to detail also allows for an excellent whip and long-term performance of our bars.

A staple of weightlifters and bodybuilding champs, the Olympic barbell is designed to take free weight and strength training to the next level. When running a bodybuilding gym, it is unavoidable to encounter newbies along with pros. And so whether it is for the pro weight lifters or for those just getting into lifting, buying the Morgan Olympic Barbell is a perfect choice.

Morgan men's Olympic barbell is an elite bar made from precision straightened ground alloy steel with chrome coating to protect against dropping. It is has a 20K bar weight with a high capacity load of up to 680kg for excellent free weight lifting performance. Our men's barbell is tested by professionals and coaches of Olympic weight training, ensuring the quality of equipment when it comes to consistency, strength, durability for long-term use.

The bar sleeves are precision welded to eliminate failure. The weld is semi-concealed to not interfere with plates resting flush against the sleeve collar. Each sleeve is finished with a thick black hard chrome coating for protection against dropping. It also contains Morgan proprietary concealed bearing system with higher load ratings than any bar available. It has a maximum load capacity of up to 680kg. A dust and chalk seal is also installed to protect and maintain a longer bearing life.

Specs 20KG Bar:

  • Weight: 20KG
  • Maximum Load: 680kg
  • Diameter: 28MM
  • Center knurl: No
  • Tensile Strength: 190K
  • Sleeve: Precision Ground Steel with a black Hard Chrome non-slip coating
  • System: 4 x Bearing per sleeve
  • Length: 2200MM
  • Shaft: Black Hard Chrome Coating


Morgan 20kg Black Harden Chrome Olympic Barbell - 680kg Capacity