Morgan Aventus Leather Boxing Gloves

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The Morgan Aventus leather boxing gloves offer great protection while providing powerful strikes. It is meticulously crafted and undergone 12 months of ring testing and development before launching into the market. It is widely used by leading boxers and trainers because of its unparalleled wrist and hand support with its unique stabilising wrist bars. The Morgan Aventus leather boxing gloves feature a 1.1m cowhide leather and machine-pressed ventilated palms, injected quad-core latex padding mould making this gloves perfectly designed to be used for heavy bags, focus pads, and high-level sparring.


Product Specification:

  • 1.1mm Aniline leather body, thumbs, and straps with super flex palms
  • Wrist stabilising bar feature to provide un-parallel support
  • Thumb attachment to reduce eye injuries
  • Professional boxing glove cut – wider glove surface area
  • Deluxe padded palms to assist in punch deflects and reduced fatigue
  • T3 moisture management inner lining
  • Extra-wide EVA inserts at the fingertips to allow for a better-gripped fist closure
  • Full 7.5cm wrist wrap with military-grade velcro closure
  • Extra-wide perforated leather insert on the palm area for increased ventilation​​

Bob Mirovic - 3 times Australian heavyweight champion: "These new aventus boxing gloves are the best boxing gloves I have ever used, the newly added wrist feature offers the best wrist support available in a boxing glove, the new leather perforated palm is also great in keeping my hands cool and dry - I would recommend these gloves to anyone who is hitting heavy bags, focus pads and also medium sparring"


Morgan Aventus Leather Boxing Gloves