Morgan Quick Release Suede Leather Powerlifting Weight Belt

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The Morgan quick-release powerlifting belt has been manufactured to provide dedicated spinal support. This 9.5cm wide powerlifting belt is made using incredibly sturdy suede leather and fastens using an advanced quick-release lever clasp that’s capable of maintaining tension throughout all stages of the lifting process. Like all of the hand-stitched and crafted weightlifting products, this belt has been made from the finest materials and can be depended upon on to perform well time after time, whether you’re looking for a CrossFit belt, powerlifting belt or a general exercise belt. It’s the same 9.5cm width throughout and has been designed to ensure that it offers full-body support which is essential if you want to avoid bad form or excessive abdominal pressure during particularly heavy lifts.

  • 100% suede leather for extreme toughness and shape holding
  • Advanced quick release lever clasp for unrivalled reliability
  • Firm but comfortable design so that you can keep lifting for longer
  • Superior saddle stitching
  • 10mm thickness
  • Stays firmer for longer compared to other model belts

Morgan Quick Release Suede Leather Powerlifting Weight Belt