Nohrd Swing Board Set

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Nohrd Swing Board Set

  • Use Swing workouts to regain the body tone and resilience of your youth.
  • All Swing free-weights are filled with an iron granulate (pellets), which support the dynamic imbalance of the movement by shifting within the leather sack.
  • Your hand's extra movements deliver varying exercise stimuli for your joints, muscles, and connective tissue.
  • Physical performance and resilience will be your results.

  • Features
  • Set includes two 2 kgs weights, two 4 kgs weights, two 6 kgs weights, and two 8 kgs weights
  • Comes with exercise cards to assist with training
  • Material: Solid wood
  • Colour: Natural
  • Enables you to perform functional movements to assist with everyday life movements
  • Provides a great way to maintain strength in joints, muscles, and connective tissue
  • Made using leather bag outer and are filled with iron granules
  • Contoured handles to provide a comfortable fit for all hand sizes

  • Product Details
  • Product Type: Strength & Flexibility Equipment




    Nohrd Swing Board Set