Octane ADX Airdyne Full Commercial Gym Bike

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Octane ADX Airdyne

3 Year Gym Warranty.

Product Features

  • • 26-blade performance fan
  • • Performance drive system
  • • Single-stage belt for instant activation
  • • Smooth motion
  • • HIIT training
  • • Calibration technology
  • • Essential workout stats and tachometer
  • • Moisture-repellent, double-coated steel body construction
  • • Biomechanically correct positioning
  • • Fore/aft seat and height adjustments
  • • Oversized, cushioned seat
  • • Anti-slip, triple-sided foot pegs
  • • Cordless operation
  • More Watt Power
  • Exercisers burn more calories on the AirdyneX bike compared to another fan bike at the same RPM*. The custom designed performance fan enables them to generate more watt power efficiently. That means greater motivation and results.

  • Console Technology
  • Simple and intuitive to navigate, the digital display delivers essential stats at users fingertips. Get into a program at the push of a button; track performance in heart rate, RPM, distance, watts and calories.
  • Plus, the tachometer visually signals how hard the user is exercising and provides the average calorie burn per minute. Users will indulge in the compulsion to push harder to bury the needle! This handy, motivational tool keeps users giving it all they've got!

  • AirdyneX Fan v. A Leading Competitor
  • When it comes to performance the AirdyneX bike beats the competition. That’s because other bikes use small fans that cannot optimize performance. The AirdyneX bike is equipped with a top-of-the-line 26-blade performance fan that helps ensure that the power you generate creates valuable resistance, so you get the ultimate in efficient, effective workouts.
  • And thanks to an exclusive inertia drive, you enjoy smooth motion and safe, quick transitions from sprints to stops.

  • Minimum Time. Max Results
  • Total-body workouts are superior when it comes to users increasing their ROI. Because users are the motor on the AirdyneX bike, they determine the intensity level and amount of resistance. Users can settle into steady-state cardio or take on interval training for a variety of workouts that challenge the body and help achieve their goals.



Octane ADX Airdyne Full Commercial Gym Bike