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Olympic Dumbbell Handles, sold in pair with collars ideal for Strength Training solid steel, strong chrome finishing 4 x spring collar included Bar Length: 52cm ; Shaft Diameter: 50mm; Shaft size: 17.5cm Weight: 6kg each bar with collars Total combined weight is 12kg

Heavy-duty Olympic dumbbell handles are robust and durable pieces of fitness equipment designed to hold Olympic weight plates for strength training and bodybuilding exercises. These handles are commonly used in commercial gyms and home gyms by serious weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts. Here are some key features and characteristics of heavy-duty Olympic dumbbell handles:

  1. Construction: These handles are typically constructed from high-quality materials such as solid steel or chrome-plated steel, which makes them sturdy and capable of withstanding heavy loads. The steel construction ensures they can handle intense workouts and last for a long time.

  2. Length: Heavy-duty Olympic dumbbell handles are longer than standard dumbbell handles to accommodate more weight plates. They typically measure around 20 to 24 inches in length, providing ample space for loading multiple plates on each side.

  3. Sleeves: These handles have sleeves with a rotating design, allowing the weight plates to spin freely as you lift. This rotational feature reduces strain on your wrists and provides a more comfortable and secure grip during exercises.

  4. Collars: They come with secure collars or lockjaw mechanisms that keep the weight plates in place. This prevents the plates from shifting or falling off during exercises, ensuring safety while lifting heavy weights.

  5. Knurling: Some handles have knurled grips, which provide texture and improve your grip. The knurling helps prevent the handles from slipping out of your hands, especially when you're sweating during intense workouts

  6. Versatility: These handles offer versatility in your workouts. You can load them with different combinations of weight plates to adjust the resistance for various exercises, including dumbbell bench presses, rows, lunges, and curls.

  7. Portability: Despite their heavyweight capacity, these handles are relatively easy to transport compared to a full set of traditional dumbbells. This makes them suitable for home gyms where space is limited or for personal trainers who need to travel with their equipment.

  8. Maintenance: Heavy-duty Olympic dumbbell handles are low-maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional lubrication of the sleeves are typically all that's needed to keep them in good working condition.

Overall, heavy-duty Olympic dumbbell handles are essential tools for serious weightlifters and bodybuilders who require a versatile and durable solution for their strength training needs. These handles provide the flexibility to customize your workouts by adjusting the weight, making them an excellent addition to any gym setup.

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