AAA Punch Mexican Fuerte™ Boxing Slip Ball

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AAA Punch Mexican Slip Ball


  • The Mexican Slip Ball is a variation of a decades-old boxing tool,
  • This tool develops upper body movements such as slipping, ducking and weaving which are fundamental to boxing.
  • Measuring approximately 34cm long and approximately 17cm wide and approximately 4kg in weight, this is a ball not get hit by!
  • Made of durable Punchtex with an 80cm long heavy duty, elastic strap to be set up to hang from the ceiling or in a door way or off a tree


  • • Designed for slipping, bobbing and weaving
  • • Built for beginners to professional boxers to develop fantastic evasion skills
  • • Made from durable Punchtex
  • • Heavy Duty 80cm long hanging strap with covered loop end for longevity
  • • Approximately 4kg in weight
AAA Punch Mexican Fuerte™ Boxing Slip Ball