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Sissy Squat Machine

The sissy squat machine is a specific piece of exercise equipment designed to assist in performing sissy squats, providing support and stability during the movement. Here are some potential benefits of using a sissy squat machine:

  1. Enhanced stability: The sissy squat machine provides a stable platform and support for your body, allowing you to focus on the movement without worrying about balance or falling over. This can be particularly beneficial for beginners or individuals with weaker stabilizer muscles.

  2. Increased range of motion: The design of the sissy squat machine allows for a greater range of motion compared to performing sissy squats without assistance. This can enable you to stretch the quads further and engage them more effectively throughout the entire movement, leading to improved muscle activation and development.

  3. Reduced joint stress: The sissy squat machine helps to distribute the load across your body more evenly, reducing the stress on your knees and other joints. This can be advantageous for individuals with knee issues or those who are recovering from injuries, as it minimizes the potential for excessive strain on the joints.

  4. Targeted muscle engagement: By using a sissy squat machine, you can isolate and target the quadriceps muscles more effectively. The equipment typically provides adjustable foot pads or bars that keep your body in the correct position to emphasize the quads during the exercise. This can lead to better quadriceps development and strength gains.

  5. Safer exercise execution: The sissy squat machine offers a safer way to perform sissy squats compared to free-standing variations, as it provides a supportive structure and reduces the risk of falling or losing balance. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who may have concerns about stability or feel uncomfortable performing the movement without assistance.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel, EVA
  • Dimenson: 930 x 415 x 40-45cm
  • Weight Capacity: 130kg
  • Item weight: 12kg

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