Morgan V2 Punch Bag Chains & Swivel

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The Morgan Boxing chain and swivel are cut from the toughest high-grade steel and made to hold up to 100 kg easily.  The ultimate choice of punching bag hanging chains,

hanging chains also come with a 360-degree rotating swivel,  4 oversize S hooks to secure your punch bags, and approx.  30 cm in length ensures that you can hang any of our punch bags on these chains.

  • HD-Steel with 4 strand chain for imperishable power
  • Powder-coated hardware for a heavy bag chain that resists wear and tear
  • Strong swivel designed to handle up to 100 kg and to provide smooth rotation
  • Ergonomically engineered making it ideal for smaller gym spaces
  • Comes with all necessary screws and fixings for easy installation

Morgan V2 Punch Bag Chains & Swivel